Architects, Consultants, and Engineers in Security (ACES) Partners

Identiv’s architects and engineering (A&E) partner program concentrates on educating consultants on the cutting-edge products in Identiv’s portfolio while providing resources and technical design assistance.

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Identiv ACES Program Highlights

  • Focuses on Identiv’s Primis Access Control, Hirsch Velocity Security Management System, and Velocity Vision
  • Increases the value that consultants bring their customers
  • Furthers awareness of the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution in the physical security space
  • Educates on the products and solutions that increase physical and cybersecurity

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Continued Education on Convergence

  • Explore the converged nature of IT and physical security
  • Access to design resources, diagrams, manuals, release notes, and specs
  • Get technical design assistance with quick, real-time answers from a real person
  • Ask questions about credential formats, compatibility, mounting options, use of legacy equipment, or compatible integrations


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