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Identity and Cybersecurity Solutions for Healthcare

Identiv’s identity and cybersecurity solutions help healthcare organizations remain trusted by patients and perform the duty of care without worrying about personal identifiable information (PII) theft and other security breaches.

Criminal Target: Healthcare

Healthcare organizations are an ongoing criminal target due to the rich data they keep. Patients’ personal information, medical history, as well as insurance information is easily stolen from poorly protected health institutions and used for various criminal purposes. As the 9/11 Dark Overlord hack and data exposure illustrate, life insurance and legal industries are also not safe when it comes to health-related hacks.

Digital Shift of Medical Services

With the extensive, rapid shift of medical services to the digital world and vast sets of health data gathered amid the pandemic, criminals will likely seize this opportunity to infiltrate networks and hack sensitive patient information. Medical institutions must adopt better authentication practices in their operations to ensure that only authorized entities have access to patients’ healthcare data.

Prevent PII Theft with FIDO 2.0

Healthcare organizations must do more to authenticate personnel accessing patient data to prevent personal identifiable information (PII) theft and other security breaches. They must improve their defenses by implementing strong authentication solutions that adhere to modern security standards like FIDO 2.0. This is exactly where we can help by securing PII with our uTrust FIDO2 NFC Security Keys.

FIDO 2.0 Passwordless Authentication

The FIDO Alliance’s FIDO 2.0 protocols for passwordless authentication allow healthcare institutions to harness mobile technology for easier authentication in multiple channels. Since FIDO2 credentials are cryptographically registered to a user’s enrolled device, they cannot be easily shared by users, unlike passwords. Leveraging cryptographic login credentials coupled with biometric strong authentication, fraudulent individuals can be prevented from accessing healthcare data.

Close Security Gaps with MFA

Detecting a compromised identity can be challenging. It is always important to have good user behavior analytics, verification tools, and security logs to detect unusual activity, including logs from your endpoint management and endpoint security tools. One way to close some of these security gaps is with the use of multi-factor authentication (MFA), which can prevent a hacker from gaining full access to a network even if user credentials become compromised.

Identity and Cybersecurity Solutions

  • Protection of patients under the duty of care: Delivering FIDO-level strong authentication gives patients confidence they are the only ones accessing their data besides their trusted providers. This includes sharing medical records, giving consent, and other personal information patients believe their providers will do their very best to protect under HIPAA and duty of care.
  • Strong authentication protocols: Identiv prevents breach of records by phishing or brute-force attacks with strengthened authentication protocols.
  • Passwordless approach: Our uTrust FIDO2 NFC Security Keys provide a simple, strong authentication experience that eliminates the need for passwords.
  • Multiple options: uTrust FIDO2 Security Keys support both contact (USB A/C) and contactless (NFC) use-cases, providing multi-protocol FIDO U2F, FIDO2, smart card, and OTP support.
  • Security and identification in healthcare: We can improve secure facility access, video integration, badging, compliance, and RFID tracking at hospital sites.
  • RFID-based data privacy: Identiv’s HIPAA-compliant intelligent inlays protect patient privacy with RFID technology.

Identity and Cybersecurity Solutions for Healthcare

Get the fast facts on how we can help improve defenses, protect PII, and prevent attacks.

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