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Medical Devices

Identiv’s unique radio frequency identification (RFID) technology can fit the needs of any medical device, from withstanding high temperatures, bonding, or embedding in special materials, to avoiding electrical interference.

RFID-Enabled Medical Device Solutions

Medical devices bring life-saving technology to patients in hospitals, clinics, and homes. The addition of RFID technology to these products – ranging from electronic thermometers to the most advanced surgical robots – can transform inventory and logistics, automate device calibration, simplify regulatory requirements, and streamline training.

Medical device manufacturers must be able to identify every device, at times down to the component level, to meet regulatory demands and ensure patient safety, especially in the unlikely event of a product recall. 

Medical Device Security Through RFID

RFID gives a digital identity to physical objects. It does more than identify a product; it can authenticate connecting components, and eliminate counterfeit and aftermarket parts. Unlike an easily copied and transferred barcode, RFID tags can hold secure information that should only be modified by an authorized individual, like training records. The applications are as varied as the devices themselves. 

Our customizable RFID portfolio enables an easier workflow for healthcare organizations and medical facilities with more reliable test results, helping them cut laboratory costs and providing better test outcomes for patients suspected of suffering from various issues.

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