SPR332 v2.0 Secure Class 2 PIN Pad Reader

Identiv’s SPR332 v2.0 Secure Class 2 PIN Pad Reader allows securely executed authentication processes within the device, protecting the entered data from various attacks.

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That’s the key! Whenever securing private data is the key, this PIN pad reader is ready to support.

Why You Need It

With SPR332 v2.0, you’ll experience convenience, transaction-time efficiency, security, and reliability for applications including digital signature, authentication and verification, and anytime you require secure personal identification (PIN) entry.

What Makes It Great

  • Extended card data transmission rate of up to 600 kbps with the support of TA1=97 enables the shortest possible transaction time
  • Identiv-specific SmartOS™ features easy and complete support of all major contact smart cards
  • Identiv driver platform and Windows® Plug-and-Play driver support allow seamless integration into any environment with very little or no administration

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