uTrust Token Family

The ultra-compact uTrust Token Family features secure mobility for mobile desktop applications and contactless smart card tokens.

The uTrust Family of Tokens will soon become legacy products. We will be revealing our next-generation token in early 2022.

Fun for the Whole Family

Or rather, this whole family is F.U.N. Identiv’s uTrust Token Family offers up secure mobility for desktop applications in PC connected mode and a contactless smart card token in autonomous mode for a host of contactless applications. Yes, please.

Choose Your Tech

Token Standard

uTrust Token Standard

Used for logging on to a PC, signing and encrypting documents or emails, and authenticating to secure web site or VPN

Token Pro

uTrust Token Pro

Features a high-quality embedded secure element with strong PKI capabilities based on Java Card™ technology

uTrust Token Pro Mini

uTrust Token Pro Mini

The smallest form factor in the family, featuring a high-quality embedded secure element with strong PKI capabilities based on Java Card™ technology

Token Pro +

uTrust Token Pro +

Can be used for physical access to buildings, contactless electronic payments, and contactless electronic ticketing for transportation and events

uTrust Token Pro Mini Type C

uTrust Token Pro Mini Type C

Portable digital identity token that uses USB type C and can feature user branding and user-developed applets

Are You Ready to Comply with NIST 800-171?

If you are a public or private sector company that supplies goods and services to the federal government, NIST 800-171 applies to you.

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