Focusing on the Security Specifiers Community

April 14, 2020

By Robert LaBella
At Identiv, we’ve always valued our consultant and specifier relationships — and we’ve been seeking to strengthen those relationships even further.
You might remember that toward the end of last year, we launched the ACES Program (for Architects, Consultants, and Engineers in Security) with the express purpose of having information, contacts, and resources dedicated to that same specifier community. Additionally, we also created an A&E Business Development Manager position in order to have someone that would operate as a direct liaison between Identiv and various members of this community.   While we continue to develop and round out our offering of resources to the security design community, Identiv has also been seeking to participate in networking events with various groups in order to further impact this group. In fact, many of our most fruitful interactions have been as a result of interactions that came from industry networking events and trade shows (before networking went virtual for the time being).    To further this goal of expanding our partnership with the design community, Identiv is proud to announce that we have become a sponsor of was established in 2010 to address the need for the physical security industry to more effectively engage with the specifier community. is perhaps best known for their strong effort to not only bring together the specifier community, but also for their founder Ray Coulombe and his efforts in running networking events and other educational opportunities for specifiers around the world.   Identiv is very excited to be sponsoring and we plan to use our sponsorship to strengthen our ties with the specifier community while we continue to develop our available resources like our own Consultant Portal. We know that our sponsorship will help us to continue to build meaningful inroads to the specifier community.   If you are a specifier who needs some help here within Identiv, please feel free to see the technical information on our website, or reach out to Robert LaBella, our A&E Liaison. As we release more information and resources, Robert will be able to direct you to what is available now as well as inform you about what will be available in the future.  Until we can get back to meeting face-to-face, set some time for a virtual conversation with Robert. [ninja_form id=48] Please contact or anytime and someone will be happy to get you any information you need.