September Partner Spotlight: Joe D. Emens, Vice President, Enterprise Security, Inc.

September 1, 2020

Hey there! Welcome to our newest monthly blog series, where we nominate an outstanding Identiv partner and shine the spotlight on them for our readers (you) to learn more about. 
First up, we’re featuring Joe D. Emens, Vice President, Enterprise Security, Inc. (ESI). We sat down with Joe to find out more about his background, which successes he feels have shaped ESI most distinctly, and more. 
Joe D. Emens, Vice PResident of Enterprise Security, Inc. ESI has been in the security business since 2000 and has worked with Identiv since inception; the organization prioritizes security integration, video surveillance, intercom systems, and works with end-users through its Professional Services Group (PSG). And Joe is no security newbie; he’s been in the industry since 2004, joining ESI with a science background that points to his childhood dream of being a pediatrician. Joe’s passion for teaching, educating, and supporting — he previously taught 7th and 8th science — has played a big role in his upward trajectory at ESI, most recently signaled by his promotion to Vice President.

So where is ESI seeing the most growth?

Per Joe, the company works a lot with government, healthcare, and finance entities with multiple locations — all worldwide markets which require innovative solutions for access control, intrusion detection, digital certificates, and smart cards. When asked which successes have helped shape ESI’s growth and business trajectory, Joe points to its continual evolvement of PSG founder Troy Laughlin’s vision and steadily growing the team over the years. When Joe first joined ESI, the company had three employees; it now boasts more than 75.  And with the growth of its employees, ESI learned over the years to pride themselves on customer service. Joe explained, tongue-in-cheek, that’s because they felt the pain of when customers "didn’t feel the love". Closing that gap and making changes for the better created a more positive customer experience all around — a key differentiator in today’s market.  When he’s not rocking out to The Smiths, Joe is spending time with his wife, child, and family pets, a dog and a chicken (fresh eggs, yum!). Describing himself in five words, Joe says he is trustworthy, friendly, reliable, driven, and genuine; we don’t know about you, but that sounds like a recipe for an outstanding VP.  As a leading manufacturer of integrated security and identity systems for global markets, Identiv’s success depends on the mutual respect and long-term loyalty built with our partners. Thanks to our best-in-class partners like Joe and ESI, we can provide innovative solutions around the world. Tune in next month for our October Partner Spotlight blog featuring Chad Eckberg, President, Access Unlimited. If you’re interested in learning more about our partners and partner programs, visit us here.