What Is A Mobile Credential?

July 7, 2020

Security is going frictionless, access control is getting smarter, and we’re becoming more and more reliant on personal devices. So, unsurprisingly, our mobile phones have become the key (literally) to unlocking doors. These electronic keys are known as mobile credentials.

What is a mobile credential?

A mobile credential is a digital access credential that sits on an Apple® iOS or Android™-based smart device. Mobile credentials work exactly the same way as a traditional physical credential, but don’t require the user to interact with their credential to gain access to a controlled area. The trusted identity, a unique ID number, is held within the smartphone.

Mobile Credentials for Access Control

In today’s non-traditional access control world, where we’re more highly focused on hygienic, frictionless ingress and egress, it’s no wonder more and more people are talking about going mobile. As we’re eliminating unnecessary high-touch surfaces in offices around the world, it makes sense that we’re also limiting the things we personally have to carry, search for, and touch. Mobile credentials are definitely more convenient, cost-effective, and provide greater flexibility. When was the last time you headed into work without your smartphone? With how dependent we all are on our devices, there’s a pretty slim chance you’re going to be forgetting your phone at home. And if you do, you’re going to notice right away. That means employers will save time and money without having to print so many temporary badges for forgetful staff.
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MobilisID is smart frictionless access control, no touching required, keeping your trusted identity on your phone and in your pocket.
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Trusted Mobile Credentials

Our MobilisID access control solution uses the latest in Bluetooth and capacitive technologies to allow complete frictionless access via trusted mobile credentials.
How exactly do we keep it touchless? MobilisID mobile credentials utilize Bluetooth technology to wirelessly transmit secure card data from a smart device to a MobilisID smart reader. The MobilisID app acts just like a physical credential — except you can keep your mobile credential (your device) in your pocket, wave your hand near the MobilisID reader, and the door unlocks. MobilisID can also integrate with ADA-compliant automatic door hardware to form a complete touchless solution. Highly secure MobilisID credentials are managed through the cloud and can be easily issued, disabled, or replaced if a mobile device with the credential is lost or stolen. MobilisID credentials simplify credential management for organizations by allowing administrators to access the MobilisID manager, a web-based portal, on any browser on any device, to issue and manage access credentials on the fly and in real time. The days of traditional access control aren’t quite long gone, but we’d be lying if we didn’t fully recognize the shift to newer, safer, more trustworthy technologies.
Mobile credentials mean your secure, trusted ID is always with you. Add to that the cleanliness factor, and you can see why today’s workforce is moving into a truly touchless era.

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