Enabling Multi-Factor Authentication on Mobile Devices

Your Best Bet in Making Hacking Nearly Impossible

Multi-Factor Authentication White Paper

A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Derived Credentials

Thursby Software Systems’ (an Identiv company) Sub Rosa®️ suite of apps support strong, two-factor authentication on iOS and Android mobile devices with a Common Access Card (CAC), Personal Identification Verification (PIV), or derived credential, such as Purebred. Although the app is compatible with most Mobile Device Managers (MDMs), Sub Rosa has been designed so that it leaves zero data at rest on the personal device, ensuring it’s secure enough to use as a standalone app. In fact, the Sub Rosa suite of apps is the only mobile browsers available that allow you to access the Defense Travel System (DTS) on a personal mobile device. Before a company can take the step of deploying the industry-leading Sub Rosa application to their mobile devices, there are several pieces of the puzzle that must fall into place. Fill out the form to get the white paper.

“Multi-factor authentication is essential for enterprise security. Every major hacking incident in the past decade — from Target to Ukraine’s power grid — has had one thing in common: the lack of multi-factor authentication. Usernames and passwords, even the most secure and frequently changed ones, are still susceptible to being compromised. The very best passwords can, with the right equipment, be cracked in a matter of weeks. With multi-factor authentication, you add an additional element to your log-in process that makes hacking nearly impossible.”
- Jean Hiefner