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Our campus-wide access control, ID badging, real-time video intelligence, and RFID-powered library media applications can help you increase campus security, safety, connectivity, and accessibility.


Keep Students Safe and Provide a Forward-Thinking Learning Environment

We offer budget friendly solutions for campuses to migrate to integrated access control. Upgrading from legacy technologies can be cumbersome and expensive, but we take the burden off of your campus budget. Identiv’s end-to-end campus security and access control solutions can tie into existing infrastructures without major disruptions (meaning your campus will never be left vulnerable). We also offer video, badging, and library solutions.

A platform of properly installed security solutions can provide real-time visual verification and total situational awareness on college and K–12 campuses. Intelligent, data-enabled video surveillance offers 24/7 threat detection and secure learning environments, guaranteeing the safety of students, faculty, and facilities.

You can also use our video management system (VMS) to collect data and provide it back to students to then decide which classes to attend based on their own real-time strengths and class availability. Access control credentials can help streamline the issuance of new badges in preparation for the upcoming school year. And radio frequency identification (RFID) technology can simplify all library media access.

End-to-end campus security platform provides: 

  • Campus-wide access control solutions
  • Monitor and control entry points at all buildings
  • Instant lock-down or lock-open feature
  • Complete ID badging module
  • Integration with student, employee, and predator databases
  • Support for campus one-card systems
  • VMS, heat map analytics, people counter, and dashboard
  • RFID library and document solutions

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