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Access Control Credentials for Campus Security

Identiv’s access control credentials make higher education campus security and identity verification safer, simpler, and more affordable.

Campus Security Access Control

Higher education campuses are fluid ecosystems. During the pandemic and beyond, learning models shift from virtual academies to in-person and hybrid structures, and it is important for universities and colleges to not only focus on the health of students and staff, but the physical security of their facilities, as well. The student and faculty populations are just as fluid, and Identiv’s access control credentials for campus security and identity verification empower facility directors to make the most secure decisions in the constantly shifting higher education environment.

Affordable Access Control Credentials

An affordable, easy-to-integrate solution for campus-wide access control credentials, Identiv’s contactless, low-frequency (LF) 125 kHz uTrust Proximity Credentials are compatible with most existing building systems. The wearable Wristband Proximity Credential version is comfortable, sturdy, and moisture-resistant — perfect for repeated hand washings — while the Round TOM® (Tag On Metal) Sticker Proximity Credential is an adhesive form factor created for metal environments, a quick way to turn any smartphone into a mobile credential.

Highly Secure, Highly Customizable Credentials

Although proximity credentials, in general, are cost-effective and can seamlessly fit in with existing campus physical access control systems (PACS), proximity cards come with the downside of being easily duplicated by malicious cloning or even by card manufacturers. Identiv’s uTrust TS Cards are a highly secure credentialing option, based on NXP®’s MIFARE DESFire EV1/EV2 HF 13.56 MHz technology; uTrust Migration Cards are compatible with 125 kHz LF proximity card systems. For an additional layer of campus security, Identiv offers custom cryptographic keys, meaning uTrust TS Cards can come pre-programmed with a set of diversified keys securely managed by Identiv that protect against unauthorized access (i.e., card duplication or forgery).

Easy-to-Migrate Campus Credentials

Think of Identiv’s uTrust MIFARE Classic® Credentials as a middle-ground credentialing option, providing more security than magnetic stripe and 125 kHz LF proximity cards but with an optional magnetic stripe and/or LF interface to streamline campus PACS migration. These versatile, high-frequency, interoperable, MIFARE ecosystem credentials are available as school friendly ID-1 credit-card-sized cards, key fobs, or wristbands.

No-Touch Frictionless Credentials

Identiv’s frictionless, batteryless uTrust UHF Credentials were created to address the pandemic and post-pandemic era, focusing on hygiene and touch-free ingress and egress. uTrust UHF works with campus identification applications that require long-distance reading (i.e., more than 18 – 21 feet). Ultra high-frequency (UHF) technology is ideal for hands-free access to schools and universities — the credentials can be read through badge holders, handbags, pockets, and backpacks.

Touchless Campus Access Control Solution

Another solution that adds health and safety to access control for campus security, Identiv’s MobilisID uses the latest in Bluetooth and capacitive technologies to allow complete frictionless access, no touching required. The MobilisID App (available via Apple® iOS and Android™) acts as a physical credential — campus faculty and students can keep their mobile device in their pockets, wave their hand near the MobilisID Reader, and the door unlocks. MobilisID can also integrate with ADA-compliant automatic door hardware to form a complete touchless campus access control solution.

One Access Control Reader, All Major Credentials

Another option for campus access control, Identiv’s robust uTrust TS Reader Family features multiple layers of security based on a certified hardware element and provides Wiegand and RS-485 communications for interoperability with most existing systems. What this means is that uTrust TS Readers work with system changes and alterations, such as campus expansion or simply the desire to increase the facility’s security. Identiv offers uTrust TS Readers in flexible configurations, supporting everything from legacy proximity to highly secure credentials, which can keep students and staff safe even while a university is in the middle of upgrading its entire access control system.

Access Control Credentials for Campus Security

If forming and reforming education systems during a pandemic has taught us anything, it is that campus security needs to be just as flexible as learning models themselves. Identiv’s access control credentials for campus security solutions put facility directors in the driver’s seat while making vital decisions to keep students and staff safe and secure.


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