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FICAM Solution for U.S. Government

Identiv’s award-winning, APL-certified, end-to-end U.S. Government FICAM Solution was developed to implement a simple, affordable FICAM-compliant solution with optimal performance.

End-to-end 13.02 Solution

In today’s physical access world, existing Federal Identity, Credential, and Access Management (FICAM) solutions are expensive, slow, and increasingly difficult to set up. Identiv’s approach to FICAM and the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 201 Topology Categories addresses current PACS infrastructure, validation system, and personal identity verification (PIV) readers. The time required to upgrade existing Hirsch physical access control systems (PACS) is significantly less than competitor’s solutions and is available at a fraction of the cost.

With Hirsch Velocity Software, any of the thousands of access points in the government space can be easily upgraded to FICAM compliance, as we leverage virtually all of existing Hirsch system infrastructure, including Hirsch M-Series ControllersuTrust TS Government ReadersSNIB3, and REB8. Need to replace non-compliant systems? You will still find our solution extremely cost-effective and quick to deploy.

FICAM Compliant

  • Featured on GSA’s Approved Products List (APL)
  • Hirsch Velocity Software platform is continually updated to meet the latest FICAM standards

High Performing

  • Outperforms existing competitor FICAM solutions
  • Solution features award-winning Hirsch hardware, including Mx Series Controllers, uTrust TS Government Readers, SNIB3, and RREB


  • Easy to implement FICAM-compliant solution with optimal performance
  • Architecture supports Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) standard card readers

Upgrade Support

  • Identiv Global Services can provide transition support to upgrade existing systems
  • For more information on migrating any non-compliant solution, please contact sales@identiv.com

All of Identiv’s FICAM solutions can be found on the GSA’s Approved Products List. (APL).


The Importance and Challenges of FICAM Compliance

Learn how to manage risk with affordable, quick-to-deploy Hirsch physical access control systems (PACS).

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