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uTrust 5501 F Series Multi-Technology Smart Card Reader/Writer Modules

Multi-technology uTrust 5501 F modules combine 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz contact and multi-frequency/multi-ISO contactless interface capabilities into one secure smart card reader/writer module.

Identiv-Powered SmartOS™

In-field upgradeable firmware makes uTrust 5501 F a secure, forward-looking investment, providing both flexibility and fast time-to-market for new products and applications, as well as minimum risk linked to the evolution of technology standards.

Ready to Adapt

uTrust 5501 F OBA supports contact smart card personalization (synchronous and asynchronous), contactless high-frequency 13.56 MHz cards that are compatible with ISO14443, ISO15693, FeLiCa, and contactless low-frequency cards that operate at 125 kHz. The 125 KHz feature can be used for physical access control or to read and write to low-frequency cards.

Optional Secure Access Module (SAM) slot enhances application security via secure mutual authentication, key management, and smart card cryptographic functions. The integrated smart card header provides an additional contact card slot for ID-1/ID-000.

Multi-Tech, Multi-Support

  • Multi-Technology: Supports contact and contactless technology
  • Multi-Frequency: Supports 125 KHz and 13.56 MHz contactless cards
  • Multi-Protocol: ISO14443 A/B, ISO15693, NFC, MIFARE™, FeLiCa™, and iClass/iClass Seos™ through SAM

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