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uTrust Proximity Credentials

Simple, contactless, low-frequency (125 kHz) uTrust Proximity Credentials are compatible with most existing building systems.

Migrate from Mag Stripe

We’ve got a proven, cost-effective solution for quick migration from magnetic stripe technology. uTrust Proximity Credentials utilize RFID technology for reliable data exchange of physical access control system (PACS) data.

Read-Only 125 KHz Proximity Cards

Identiv’s Read-Only 125 KHz Proximity Cards are a non-rewritable, cost-effective solution that integrates with existing reader ecosystems supporting EM4102/EM4200. These credentials are not compatible with regular 125 KHz proximity cards and require specific infrastructure to support their custom protocol and frequency modulation (i.e., 64-bit Manchester encoding). This chip solution is widely used in different applications, including access control, logistics automation, industrial applications, anti-counterfeiting, and animal tagging.

Avoid Disruption in Your System

uTrust Proximity Credentials support HID Prox, Casi Rusco, Indala, and more. The credentials can be personalized (programmed and/or printed) or not. Plus, to simplify even further, we can program and print each product with your PACS format and employee information.


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