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uTrust TS Cards

uTrust TS Cards are secure credentials for physical access control, based on NXP®’s MIFARE DESFire EV1/EV2 HF 13.56 MHz technology, and are compatible with 125 kHz LF proximity card systems.

Meet the Next Generation of Contactless Smart Cards

  • A Secure Card Platform
    Proximity low-frequency (LF) cards are too easily duplicated by malicious cloning or by card manufacturers
  • A Standards-Based Card Platform
    Based on the open and widely deployed MIFARE DESFire platform, which carries Common Criteria certification and is recognized by IT organizations as the highest level of security attestation
  • Migration Support/Multi-Technology
    Available in two types: uTrust TS Standard Cards (for new installations) and uTrust TS Migration Cards (which include 125 kHz proximity technology that interoperates seamlessly with existing 125 kHz proximity readers)

Making Your Job Easier, Faster, and Less Expensive

  • Compatibility
    Compatible with uTrust TS Readers, including ScramblePad, making system design and ordering simple, and system deployment fast and easy
  • Fast Delivery
    Produced and encoded at our Santa Ana, California facility and are generally delivered within 48 hours of receipt of a valid order
  • Competitive Pricing
    Priced below typical low-frequency proximity cards

Make It Your Own

If you need custom cryptographic keys to protect your assets, uTrust TS Cards come pre-programmed with a set of diversified keys securely managed by Identiv and protecting against unauthorized access (i.e., preventing card duplication and forgery). These keys also protect the integrity and confidentiality of transactions between cards and readers.

Have you heard about our VIP Program? Identiv opens TS Cards to ensure YOU keep control ― define your own secret keys, share them securely with Identiv, and easily order cards and readers. To enroll and learn more, please contact sales.

Raising the Standards of Physical Security with Open Source Software

Identiv has released the code used to program and personalise its uTrust TS Card line and has published the Open Access Card Format (OACF) that describes the data written to the cards.

The OACF specification is available on GitHub.
For questions, feel free to reach out to oss@identiv.com.

Identiv’s code library can be used to interact and program DESFire EV1 and DESFire EV2 cards. Though the company has implemented a subset of the commands available on DESFire cards, the code may be easily extended to support additional commands and Identiv will accept pull requests.

A Versatile Platform for Existing Specifications

Looking for different access control or closed-loop payment applications? uTrust TS Cards can be pre-programmed with various DESFire applications. Ideal for third-party options, we’ve also implemented NXP’s generic access control data model specifications (a.k.a. NXP PACS, Application Note AN10957). Our cards can feature the TS Card application only, NXP PACS, or a combination. If you’re still not finding what you’re looking for, we can provision custom applications, files, or keys, leveraging the vast range of multi-application capability offered by the NXP MIFARE DESFire chip family.


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