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Primis Access Control Hardware

Identiv’s IT-centric, cyber-secure Primis on-premises access control hardware system uses encryption bridge hardware at the network edge to communicate with onsite and geo-distributed software. Primis is next-generation access control for businesses of all sizes, transforming the complexity of traditional access control into a user-friendly, out-of-the-box experience.


What Is Primis Access Control?

Redefine security with Primis, our feature-rich, appliance-based solution that communicates over encrypted IP-network protocols. Seamless integration with your existing IT network and cutting-edge encryption technology eliminates complex configurations and potential vulnerabilities, offering an enhanced, reliable access control experience at a lower cost of ownership. Primis is designed for today's fast-paced, cyber-secure world, perfect for small-to-medium sized business (SMBs).

Software-Driven Architecture

Primis is based on a software-driven architecture that advances and leverages already powerful web-scale-based applications, making it possible to change the underlying software easily without affecting the rest of the system. The migration from hardware-driven to software-driven architectures embraced by IT departments and IT infrastructure providers also aligns with the current trend to leverage the IoT and cloud.

Primis Encryption Bridges

Connecting the door hardware to the IT network, Primis encryption bridges provides encrypted communication to servers. All system configuration, administration, and monitoring are performed using a common web browser. Simplified architecture reduces system complexity and lowers the total cost of ownership (TOC). Centralized databases can operate independently or be connected to an identity management system (IDMS), such as Active Directory, unifying physical access control and logical security management within the IT infrastructure.

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