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Aperio Wireless Lock Integration with Hirsch Velocity

Wireless high-security physical access control is possible with ASSA ABLOY’s Aperio wireless lock integration with Hirsch Velocity Software.

Wireless Doors at Your Fingertips

  • Secure more doors with less wiring
  • Easy installation without interruption
  • Flexibility for growing schools, university campuses, healthcare facilities and other high-traffic businesses
  • Add physical access control to historical buildings and facilities with building materials not suitable for standard wiring
  • Real-time door status monitoring with alarm viewer, status viewer and reports
  • Real-time Hirsch Velocity communication for greater control of schedules, stronger security during holidays, and improved traffic management based on threat levels

Flexible, Feature-Rich, and Easy to Install

When flexibility and scalability is a requirement, Hirsch Velocity Software combined with ASSA ABLOY’s Aperio wireless locks is the perfect solution. The Aperio wireless lock integration with Hirsch Velocity gives users unparalleled capabilities not found with similar integrations. Having access to a full feature-set typically only available with wired locks, this integration allows for the most secure, advanced configuration options. By combining the power and cost-effectiveness of Hirsch Mx-1 Controllers, Velocity’s configuration and management options, and the flexibility of the Aperio wireless lock system, Identiv is able to provide users and integrators with even greater capabilities and design options at industry-leading price points.

Advanced Features, Delivered Wirelessly

Wireless doors are meant to fix a number of design and environmental issues that challenge physical access systems, but typically only offer the ability to momentarily open a door when deployed. The combination of Hirsch Velocity with the Aperio wireless lock system expands capabilities to the entire suite of Velocity.

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