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Enterphone iQ Telephone Entry System

Enterphone iQ is a mid-sized economical telephone entry system featuring a keypad driven 10-inch HD screen.

Secure Visitor Access

The Enterphone iQ design limits installation real estate requirements while enabling all the standard and optional features of other Enterphone. Enterphone iQ is ideal for apartment buildings, condominiums or stratas, multi-use commercial and residential, office buildings, and gated communities. iQ can be flush or surface-mounted, enabling installation options to meet the aesthetic requirements of the customer’s environment.

Three Reasons You Need Enterphone iQ

  • Advanced — Web browser access for remote programming and management, multi-language, and personalized display for style, brand, or advertising
  • Secure — TLS 1.2 encryption, rugged metal enclosure, and 10-inch HD screen
  • Cost-effective — Affordable telephone entry system with simple path and integration to Primis access control

Intelligent Telephone Entry Features

  • Residential or business listing formats with drop-down menus
  • Unlimited names, card users, cards, schedules, and groups
  • Dial via DTMF keypad
  • Auto redial to secondary number
  • Unlimited administrative users
  • Full access, view only, and no access administrative permissions
  • Exportable user selectable event history

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