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Enterphone Mobile

Enterphone Mobile is a highly secure mobile application that brings real-time audio capabilities to the front end, elevating visitor management and perimeter security in residential and commercial spaces.

Security at Your Fingertips, Mobility in Your Pocket

The Enterphone Mobile app is a key feature in the refreshed Enterphone product line, enhancing our complete end-to-end security solutions platform. Enterphone Mobile offers upgraded features for both security and user convenience. Supported by a robust SIP server, this mobile application integrates with the optimized Enterphone system to provide real-time audio and video capabilities directly to registered mobile devices.


Enterphone Mobile Key Features

  • Seamless Integration: Register Enterphone system to a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) account for mobile functionality.

  • User Flexibility: The platform is designed to meet the needs of diverse settings, including residential and business environments.

  • Efficient Setup: The application features a QR code-enabled setup process that is both quick and automated.

  • Mobile Accessibility: Live audio and video are directly accessible from registered mobile devices, facilitating real-time interaction.

  • Security: Additional features include door control, a record of call history, and 30-day storage of event recordings.

  • Video Verification: Live video feeds allow for verification of individuals requesting access.

Top Use Cases

  1. Residential Tenants: Secure mobile access is now a tap away with Enterphone Mobile, redefining your home security experience with smartphone control.
  2. Assisted Living Facilities: Enterphone Mobile offers an easy-to-use access control interface, providing residents with straightforward, secure entry management.
  3. Condos and Apartments: Elevate living standards with Enterphone Mobile, integrating cutting-edge security directly to resident smartphones.
  4. Businesses and Office Buildings: Streamline your security with Enterphone Mobile, allowing seamless entry management and robust protection for your workspace.

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