Benchmark Magazine: Access Control with Minimal Contact

August 18, 2020

Read the original article via Benchmark Magazine. Identiv has announced a collection of COVID-19 response solutions in order to support businesses and organisations in office reopenings. Frictionless, touchless solutions create more hygienic offices. Hands-free technology also streamlines transactions, and access management, temperature tracking and contact tracing help employees and visitors feel safe and secure.
‘With the threat of COVID-19 still around us, frictionless, hands-free solutions are a key part of any organisation’s efforts to make a healthier, safer environment,’ stated Steve Humphreys, Identiv CEO. ‘Identiv’s highly secure access and identity solutions address multiple needs for businesses to re-open and grow again in the new pandemic-era normal.’
MobilisID uses the latest in Bluetooth and capacitive technologies to allow complete access with no touch required. The MobilisID App acts as a physical credential: the user can keep their mobile device in their pocket, wave their hand near the MobilisID Reader, and the door unlocks. MobilisID can also integrate with automatic door hardware to form a complete touchless solution. With the Freedom Access Control system, no reader is required at the door. Freedom’s software-defined architecture uses the location of a user’s mobile device to determine their proximity to a door for hands-free ingress and egress. The system can also be used in parallel with conventional reader-equipped doors. uTrust UHF Credentials work with identification applications that require long-distance reading. Ultra high-frequency (UHF) technology is ideal for car park lot access and gate control, door entry in hospitals or gated communities, logistics, object and people tracking in emergency situations, real- time location tracking, and any hands-free environment. The credentials can be read through badge holders, handbags, pockets, and backpacks. uTrust 3721 F multi-technology smart card readers feature multiple frequency options and a keyboard emulation. Perfect for employers who use a mixture of technologies for logical access, uTrust 3721 F leverages existing 125 kHz low-frequency (LF) or 13.56 MHz high-frequency (HF) cards. Out-of-the-box, uTrust 3721 F can work with most time and attendance systems, letting employees simply tap a card to the reader to clock in. Identiv’s Body Temperature Measurement Patch is a wearable NFC-enabled transponder that supports the reopening of public spaces, and helps operators keep attendees and employees comfortable, confident and safe. The patch also supports workers who need to monitor quarantined patients diagnosed with COVID-19. The new solution combines the simplicity of using NFC and the smart technology potential of the Internet of Things (IoT), making body temperature monitoring easier than ever.