ONVIF: Tech To Assist Educational Facilities in 2020/2021

October 22, 2020

In a recent roundtable, ONVIF's Rachel Peck had the chance to discuss the current technology trends that are assisting educational facilities during the 2020/2021 school year. Here’s an excerpt featuring Steve Humphreys, Identiv CEO:
As many educational institutions have begun some version of a hybrid approach to the school year, they are faced with new policies, restrictions and uncertainty with what the school landscape will look like in the future. With technology needed to assist in maintaining occupancy limits, social distancing, as well as enhanced access control features — decision-makers have their work cut out for them.
Steve Humphreys, Chief Executive Officer, Identiv
Steve Humphreys, Chief Executive Officer, Identiv
With educational facilities still in pandemic recovery mode, strategic security solutions that go beyond keeping students and staff healthy are needed. Cybercriminals and “Zoombombers” threaten virtual/hybrid classrooms daily; security keys are an effective method of two-step verification in remote learning environments. Additionally, touchless access, i.e. Bluetooth and mobile credentialing (where your phone is the credential), and long-range RFID-enabled credentials (read through pockets/backpacks) should be the new normal for student access cards. Additional security solutions include video surveillance technology and advanced intelligence capabilities that allow for people counting, occupancy controls, temperature screening, contact tracing, and reducing touch points. Read the full article via ONVIF.