What Is the Changing Role of Women in Security?

April 15, 2020

Women in Security On April 15, 2020,’s Larry Anderson invited Brooke Grigsby, Identiv Director of Marketing, to participate in an expert Q&A. Here is an excerpt: There was a time when men dominated the physical security industry. On second thought, that time is today. Even with increasing numbers of women entering our community, it’s an industry that is still mostly populated by men. But change is coming, and the industry as a whole is benefiting greatly from a surge in female voices. We asked this week’s Expert Panel Roundtable: What is the changing role of women in security?

“There’s a paradigm shift happening in the security industry as more women are making their way into what has historically been a highly male-oriented profession. The convergence of physical and cybersecurity allows more opportunity over the traditional physical security profession, where career paths typically began in law enforcement (another industry heavily saturated by male workers). Today, there are more leadership development and mentoring programs aimed at the success of women in security as organizations see the benefit in not only diversity, but in the keen eye for detail, multi-tasking, compassionate nature, and fresh outlook that a female workforce contributes to the industry. A diversified team means more creative ideas, more innovation, and better adaptability to the rapidly changing world. Women thrive in a workplace that is results-oriented, where goals have a high degree of clarity. In turn, they inspire others to come together, work harder, and improve overall productivity.” — Brooke Grigsby

About Brooke Grigsby, Identiv Director of Marketing Brooke Grigsby has been active in the security industry for almost 15 years. She has held marketing leadership and management roles in cybersecurity, physical access security, and the Internet of Things (IoT) segment. Brooke is currently responsible for leading the marketing efforts at Identiv, a global security technology headquartered in Fremont, California. Previously, she led marketing at ActivIdentity (now owned by HIDGlobal) and idOnDemand (acquired by Identiv). Brooke is an active member of ASIS, SIA, and NFC Forum.
Brooke Grigsby
Brooke Grigsby
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