August 2021 Newsletter

August 31, 2021

Security and Authentication in the Phygital Age It is no secret we live in a complex world. Enterprises across the globe face a threat landscape spanning digital and physical spheres. But the phygital shift also affects the human experience in positive ways, giving us the technology to better protect data, people, and places.
Security Keys: Unlocking U.S. Election Cybersecurity

Security Keys: Unlocking U.S. Election Cybersecurity

Government elections are an attractive target for cybercriminals aiming to disrupt and destabilize the foundations of U.S. democracy. Elections comprise a heterogenous, fluid ecosystem and involve many moving parts and players: the voting public, high-profile election candidates, campaign teams, departments and agencies, contractors, election staff and volunteers, businesses, and the media. Hardened security devices coupled with swift, impenetrable multi-factor authentication keep sensitive data safe and fend off domestic and foreign cybersecurity threats. Get White Paper › IoT Use Case: Moisture Detection in Wooden Houses

IoT Use Case: Moisture Detection in Wooden Houses

Wood is easily the most popular construction material. But water intrusion into wooden walls tends to go unnoticed until it is too late. Visual signs, such as stains, cracks, nail pop, and buckling floors do not appear overnight. If you see indications of moisture, the damage is most likely already done. Our solution: the Internet of Things can now be built into construction sites. Eco-friendly, NFC-enabled smart sensing tags monitor conditions in walls indefinitely, avoiding moisture damage throughout a home year after year. Get Use Case › Trend Watch: Customizable Access Control

Trend Watch: Customizable Access Control

What if you could give your customers a verified, end-to-end solution complete with your own branding? New Freedom Branded and Liberty Branded let you offer customers your own branded physical access control solution, including readers, cards, and software GUI. Customize the color, logo, and overlay on your premises readers, add your brand to access cards, and apply color and logos to your web skin. Learn More › Identiv In The Wild

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