IoT Ecosystems Newsletter — November 2022

November 21, 2022

Increasing Patient Safety, Health, and Wellbeing
Patient safety is critical, which is why we provide customizable, specialty RFID solutions to make healthcare smarter and safer. RFID technology can help hospitals track life-saving equipment and protect patient privacy, ensure pharmacies improve cold chain distribution processes, and make digital healthcare more connected and accessible.


Digital Transformation and Resilience in Healthcare

Medical devices bring life-saving technology to patients in hospitals, clinics, and homes. The addition of RFID technology to these products – ranging from electronic thermometers to the most advanced surgical robots – can transform inventory and logistics, automate device calibration, simplify regulatory requirements, and streamline training. Discover how our specialty RFID solutions can build digital transformation and resilience in healthcare.
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Top IoT-Enabled Holiday Gifts

The holidays are growing closer and the seasonal scrambling to come up with gift ideas for family and friends is upon us. Loren Miller, Director of Business Development at Identiv, joins us for the latest episode of the Humans in Tech podcast to help dig into the top IoT-enabled holiday gifts that should make their way into your shopping cart (or your own wish list) this year.
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How Is RFID Streamlining the Cannabis Industry?

Adopting RFID technology for inventory management in any industry can save time and money by offering real-time inventory analysis. In cannabis, this is important as the technology simplifies the process for companies to adhere to regulatory tracking needs. We explore how cannabis businesses can ensure brand protection with authentication and RFID.
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IoT Pixel Tags for the Global Supply Chain

IoT Pixel Tags are built for the Wiliot Ambient IoT ecosystem aimed at supply chain efficiency, sustainability, and productivity in the IoT. The Ambient IoT leverages new breakthroughs in ambient computing technology – computing that is self-powered by harvesting energy from surrounding radio waves.
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