December 2021 Newsletter

December 20, 2021

Security and Identity Shaping the Future
As 2021 draws to a close, we look towards 2022 and beyond. From the connected IoT powering digital health accessibility to the immersive digital space of the metaverse, which megatrends will you follow into the new year?
Trend Watch: RFID-Powered Digital Health

Trend Watch: RFID-Powered Digital Health

According to the CDC, around 12 million people 40 and over in the U.S. are visually impaired, including one million who are blind. The small fonts on prescription bottles and side-effect pamphlets can cause big problems for individuals with vision complications. Yet there is no federal rule requiring pharmacies to give patients more accessible options. Identiv powers a groundbreaking new program developed by CVS as part of its commitment to digital health innovation. CVS’ smart-tagged SpokenRx solution leverages our contactless readers and RFID tags. Get Story › Hardware Security Keys: Tackling Federal Cybercrime

Hardware Security Keys: Tackling Federal Cybercrime

One of the pervasive challenges to building impenetrable federal government cyber defenses is human error, often the weakest link in the security chain. Government employees are prime targets for cyberattacks because they have access to sensitive data, such as financial, economic, and military records. Hackers typically target government employees using phishing scams, posing as trusted sources to access login credentials. Hardware security keys can help. Download Brief › The World’s Most Secure Buildings: Area 51

The World’s Most Secure Buildings: Area 51

Chances are you know at least one conspiracy theory surrounding Area 51. The near-mythical U.S. military research facility in the Nevada desert is protected by motion sensors, a patrol of armed guards, and a no-fly zone throughout the entire site. It is one of the most secure places in the world. Read Blog › Identiv In The Wild

Identiv In The Wild

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