February 2022 Newsletter

February 11, 2022

Security and Verification Technology Advocacy Harsh industrial environments. Cannabis smart packaging. The Starbucks at the CIA Headquarters. What do these have in common? They all require the highest security and verification technology. Your company should demand the same.
Meet UHF RFID TOM: Dynamic On-Metal Solution

Meet UHF RFID TOM: Dynamic On-Metal Solution

According to a report by Global Market Studies, market demand for industrial labels is expected to reach $59.34 billion by 2024, increasing at an approximate CAGR of 4.86%. Based on the requirements of the market, particularly our industrial customers, we just launched the most flexible on-metal RFID solution in the industry: UHF RFID TOM® (Tag On Metal) Labels. The innovative portfolio addresses the most adverse environments with unmatched performance and price point. Get Story › Advocating for Cannabis Safety

Quality Control and Authenticity: Advocating for Cannabis Safety

There is a glaring gap in the cannabis industry. Since cannabis is self-regulated but not FDA approved, it is vital to adopt an RFID-enabled smart packaging solution to ensure quality control at practically zero cost. We provide one of the first true tech solutions in the industry for authenticity and safety. Find Out › The World’s Most Secure Buildings: CIA Headquarters

The World’s Most Secure Buildings: CIA Headquarters

While much of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency’s security practices remain top secret, the CIA reportedly reads up to 5 million tweets a day and an employee undergoes polygraph testing every three to four years to keep the headquarters safe and secure from treachery. What makes it (and its on-site Starbucks) so secure? Get Story › IP-Rated uTrust 3700 IG

Built for Clean Rooms: IP-Rated uTrust 3700 IG

We designed our new IP-rated contactless smart card reader/writer for clean rooms and harsh industrial facilities. uTrust 3700 IG combines world-class technology with a unique industrial-grade enclosure. It is crafted with polished, high-grade plastics and ultrasonic-welded seams to keep it clean inside and out. Learn More › We drive conversations and creations in the connected world.