IoT Ecosystems Newsletter — August 2022

August 2, 2022

The Internet of Medical Things Digital health is here to stay. From advances in medical technology to the necessity of telemedicine, the more connected people are to their doctors, plan of care, prescriptions, and devices, the better. So now that everyone needs IoT-enabled healthcare, it’s crucial to address its accessibility.
Humans in Tech Podcast

Spotlight on Advocacy: Accessibility Technology

How often do you think about equity in access to information? For Kim Charlson — the first female president of the American Council of the Blind and the executive director of the Perkins Library, a division of the international NGO Perkins School for the Blind — it’s a top-of-mind topic 24/7/365. Kim, who is completely blind herself, is a passionate advocate for shifting the paradigm, proving that people with disabilities can lead the accessibility charge, specifically in the medical technology space. Listen to Podcast › The Role of RFID in Medical Devices

The Role of RFID in Medical Devices

Patient safety is critical, which is why we provide customizable, specialty RFID solutions that make healthcare smarter and safer. RFID technology can help hospitals track life-saving equipment and protect patient privacy, ensure pharmacies improve cold chain distribution processes and make digital healthcare more connected and accessible, and provide labs with the tools to better analyze specimens while cutting costs. If you’re ready to talk about medical technology, our team is standing by. Speak to an Expert › Wine and Spirits: NFC-Based Digital Touch

Wine and Spirits: NFC-Based Digital Touch

OTACA Tequila became the first spirits company to fully digitize its product offerings with NFC in October 2021, working with us to launch innovative NFC-enabled smart packaging for authentication, transparency, customer loyalty, and brand awareness. Since then, the pilot launch has ramped up to the production phase, and we’re excited to see the growth in highly personalized digital experiences with every NFC tap. Salud! Learn More › What Is NFC-Enabled Capacitive Sensing?

What Is NFC-Enabled Capacitive Sensing?

Liquid waste and inaccurate measurements are chronic issues in the consumer, healthcare, and food and beverage industries. Our Capacitive Fill Level Sensing Tag based on NXP’s NTAG® 22x DNA StatusDetect is the first and only commercially available solution to cut down on this waste and create a more seamless measuring process by sensing fill levels via capacitance. The accurate NFC sensor is small, simple to use, and requires no additional equipment besides a mobile device Get Use Case › We drive conversations and innovations in the connected world.