June 2020 Newsletter

June 22, 2020

Remember that “new normal” everyone kept talking about? It’s here. And we can make it easier.
Simple Temperature Monitoring

Simple Temperature Monitoring

Our NFC-enabled body temperature measurement patch makes it simple for anyone to monitor personal temperature curves. The wearable patch supports the reopening of public venues and global governments and healthcare workers that need to periodically monitor quarantined patients. Learn More »  Join Presale List » UHF Credentials - Frictionless Access

Frictionless Credentials

Our new frictionless, batteryless uTrust UHF Credentials work with identification applications that require long-distance reading (think 18 - 21 feet!). The credentials can even be read through pockets or backpacks. Access at hospitals, parking garages, and schools is going totally touchless. Learn More »  Download Data Sheet » Touchless Solutions for COVID-19

Touchless Solutions for COVID-19

We’re here to help businesses get back to growing in the new pandemic-era normal. Our cohesive collection of frictionless, touchless solutions support enterprise and government customers in worldwide reopenings and keep employees and visitors feeling safe and secure. Download Solutions Brief »