May 2021 Newsletter

May 26, 2021

Authentication, Anti-Counterfeiting, and Aegis
Technology is rapidly developing. Partnering with a leader in verification technologies enables secure collaboration and scalable growth. Are you in?
Trend Watch: MFA in Healthcare

Trend Watch: MFA in Healthcare

With the rapid shift of medical services to the digital world and vast sets of health data, criminals are seizing the opportunity to infiltrate networks and hack sensitive patient information. Detecting a compromised identity can be challenging. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) can close the security gap and prevent hackers from gaining full access to a network even if user credentials are compromised. Download Brief › Research Report: The Security Benefits of Unifying NFC and Blockchain

Research Report: The Security Benefits of Unifying NFC and Blockchain

Blockchain and NFC bring trust and security to real-time processes by distributing large-scale computing efforts and eliminating single points of failure. While each of these technologies are well researched individually, new innovation is inspired by the future applications and limitations of hybrid NFC-blockchain systems. Get Research Report › The World's Most Secure Buildings: Fort Knox

The World’s Most Secure Buildings: Fort Knox

“As secure as Fort Knox” is a staple in American slang indicating absolute security of any person, place, or thing. Unsurprisingly, our exploration of the world’s most secure facilities takes us to the U.S. Bullion Depository, Fort Knox. Though no one knows all the techniques to unlock this vault under the aegis of the U.S. Department of Treasury, we open the doors to some of its mystery and mythology. Read Blog › Identiv in the Wild

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