October 2021 Newsletter

October 28, 2021

The Physical World Turns Digital Our increasing reliance on social media shows how the world is shifting to “phygital” – blurring the lines between our physical and digital lives. This is where Identiv steps in to verify people, places, ecosystems, and experiences.
5 Lessons to Learn: The Day Facebook Went Dark

5 Lessons to Learn: The Day Facebook Went Dark

If you restarted your Wi-Fi and phone more than once on October 4 – just to see Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp not loading yet again – you were in good company with 3.51 billion others. The outage prevented people from connecting with their family, friends, and customers. It caused inconvenience for daily users, and numerous brands felt a negative impact on their businesses. The event also led social media influencers to reflect on what the Facebook outage meant for their futures. We investigate what went wrong and share five (5) vital lessons to learn from the day Facebook went dark. Read Blog › Trend Watch: Smart, NFC-Enabled Packaging

Trend Watch: Smart, NFC-Enabled Packaging

People expect to interact with brands in new, exciting ways. Near field communication (NFC) connects customers to brands in an Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem where consumer engagement is present in each digital touchpoint. Custom-designed NFC-enabled smart packaging provides product authentication, customer loyalty, and brand awareness experiences. Learn about our latest partnership with OTACA Tequila as we focus on expanding our own smart packaging innovations. Get Story › Not Tom Cruise: The Identity Crisis

Not Tom Cruise: The Identity Crisis

Identity theft is no laughing matter, even for celebrity impersonators. But we can help. Our credentials, IDs, and smart cards verify the identity of employees, temporary workers, and visitors. The portfolio features form factors for physical or logical access control, converged access, transit payment, brand protection, time and attendance, cashless vending, and IoT applications. Avoid the crisis and get in touch today for the most secure identity verification. Book Demo › Identiv In The Wild

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