September 2021 Newsletter

September 30, 2021

Connected World. Critical Technology. Around 20 billion Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled devices will be in use by the end of 2021, while 500 billion are estimated by 2030. Everything is built to communicate with everything else. As the physical and digital spheres continue to converge, verifying and protecting people, processes, information, and things is now critical for businesses of any size. Campus Security: Real-Time Visual Verification

Campus Security: Real-Time Visual Verification

From dorms and libraries to sports centers and expansive student grounds, there is a lot to watch over and secure on college and K–12 campuses. A platform of properly installed security solutions can provide real-time visual verification and total situational awareness. Intelligent, data-enabled video surveillance offers 24/7 threat detection and secure learning environments, guaranteeing the safety of students, faculty, and facilities on campus. Read White Paper › Trend Watch: NFC App Development

Trend Watch: NFC App Development

Back in 2004, near field communication (NFC) quietly entered the scene. Now, NFC is one of the most rapidly growing technologies across the globe. Our all-in-one uCreate NFC mobile application platform makes it easy to develop, prototype, test, and successfully launch NFC-enabled applications. This ecosystem was built for developers new to NFC app development and includes a software development kit (SDK), curated kit of NFC tags, mobile app, technical support, and documentation. Get uCreate NFC for Free › Promo code: UCREATETODAY The World’s Most Secure Buildings: Bold Lane Car Park

The World’s Most Secure Buildings: Bold Lane Car Park

Unassuming Bold Lane is a popular street in the English county of Derbyshire best known for an incredibly secure multi-story car park. Bold Lane Car Park may not look too fancy from the outside, but this UK facility is one of the most secure buildings in the world. Following a wave of crime and drug abuse, Parksafe Systems fitted the park with a range of high-tech security equipment, including barcode smart card tickets, under-car sensors, 200 surveillance cameras, a lockdown system, and more. Read Blog › Identiv In The Wild

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