Identity Verification Solutions for Safe, Secure Learning Environments

July 1, 2022

Education ecosystems are fluid, from new students leaving or joining schools to more recent shifts in virtual and hybrid learning environments.

These changes mean colleges and universities must adapt quickly to ensure students and staff in virtual or in-person environments are as safe as possible.

Highly secure identity verification communicates to campus security teams who the individuals are that access facilities and whether they are supposed to be on campus.

Access control is a vital part of the security ecosystem that creates a safe learning environment on any type of campus. It ensures only the right people with authorized credentials are allowed inside a school’s buildings, facilities, and events.

Schools have various access control solutions to choose from, but smart cards paired with highly secure physical access readers provide the most robust security. Smart cards also enable the use of multiple applications, including vending, cafeteria, and emergency services.

We work with colleges and universities of all sizes, helping teams improve campus security as they implement and deploy an end-to-end physical access control system. Our solutions are built with security, affordability, and compatibility in mind, empowering higher education facilities to take charge of security on their campus.

“Over 19.4 million students attended colleges and universities in the fall of 2020 in the United States. More than two million new students join these institutions every year, and almost as many become alumni annually, creating a fluid student lifecycle. Campus security is at the forefront of all higher education institutions. The sheer number of students entering and leaving a facility is one of the compelling factors in keeping campuses safe.”
- Mark Allen, Identiv GM, Premises

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