Real-Time Visual Verification and Total Situational Awareness on Campus

October 2, 2021

Securing college and K–12 school campuses poses many unique challenges.

Security teams must strategically plan video surveillance, access control, and visitor management systems to keep an eye on the diverse variety of facilities comprising a typical campus community.

The efforts will not eliminate violence and criminal behavior from schools, but every incident occurring in an educational institution provides administrators with another opportunity to see what lessons can be learned to make the learning environment safer for students, staff members, and visitors.

From dorms and libraries to sports centers and expansive student grounds, there is a lot to watch over and secure. A platform of properly installed campus security solutions can provide real-time visual verification and total situational awareness.

Intelligent, data-enabled video surveillance provides 24/7 threat detection and safe, secure learning environments.

“According to a poll on, more than 50% of parents with children in grades K–12 and 75% of secondary school students believe a school shooting could occur in their community. Incidents of deadly violence on school and university campuses have plagued the United States during the past few decades.”
- Mark Allen, Identiv GM, Premises

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