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Our unified portfolio of technology provides secure facility access, video integration, badging, compliance, and RFID tracking at hospitals, medical centers, and other healthcare facilities.

Deploy 24/7 Integrated Monitoring at Hospitals and Pharmacies

People, data, devices, and drugs need integrated 24/7 monitoring, and you need one source that can handle it all. Identiv offers the most complete physical security solutions to keep patients (and hospital staff) safe.

Hospitals and pharmaceutical facilities manage multiple access points everyday, including high-security rooms housing sensitive patient information and medicines. Security solutions have to integrate with video surveillance and identification systems. You need a complete, end-to-end, highly secure access control solution.

From patient privacy to smart pharma, we supply the tools you need to protect the most sensitive assets.

But hospitals also need security beyond the perimeter. Our HIPAA-compliant intelligent inlays protect patient privacy with RFID technology. If you are required to implement a cold chain distribution process for vaccines, we provide the innovative NFC datalogging tools to make it happen. Need to analyze blood and cut laboratory costs? We can help.

Protect your healthcare facility with:

  • Secure access to ER, pharmacy, radiology, maternity, parking, and other areas
  • Integration with video, infant tag, wandering patient, and other systems
  • Visitor management and identification
  • High-quality ID badges or silicone wristbands for hands-free access
  • HIPAA and JHACO compliance tools
  • Temperature-sensitive item tracking and identification
  • UHF NFC asset and inventory solutions

Industry Solutions

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