Physical Security Newsletter — August 2022

August 2, 2022

Goodbye, Summer. September is coming fast and back-to-school season means campuses are making decisions now about fortifying their security systems. We’ve got great resources to help you integrate and scale end-to-end solutions at any site.
Back-to-School: Higher-Ed Campus Security

Back-to-School: Higher-Ed Campus Security

More than 2 million new students enter the U.S. college population every year. So we think of universities like fluid ecosystems; they must deploy and maintain robust physical access control systems to keep track of shifting identities and roles for staff and students alike. Schools have various access control solutions to choose from, but we recommend smart cards paired with highly secure physical access readers for the strongest security. Get White Paper › San Diego International Airport: A Digital Transformation

San Diego International Airport: A Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is everywhere, especially in security. At airports across the U.S., advanced security technologies are paving the way for passenger and employee safety. As security threats and passenger demand increase, the race to keep up with technology and regulations is critical. Clint Welch, Director of Aviation Security and Public Safety at San Diego International Airport, joins us to discuss how he faces these complex challenges. Listen to Podcast › The World’s Most Secure Buildings: ADX Florence Prison

The World’s Most Secure Buildings: ADX Florence Prison

If you’ve never heard of a U.S. supermax prison, the sites are designed to hold inmates that pose the most extreme security threats. Prisoners have little to no time outside of their cells, few activities, and very little contact with other humans. Colorado's ADX Florence is an early example of the supermax model, but what makes it one of the world's most secure buildings? Find Out › Five Levels of Federal Facilities Security

Five Levels of Federal Facilities Security

There won’t be a pop quiz, but let’s give you a crash course on federal facility security. The ISC created five categories to classify federal buildings based on size, agency mission and function, tenant population, and the degree of public access. The assigned level determines which security operations are required. Our infographic breaks them down. Visualize It › We drive conversations and innovations in the connected world.