RFID Insider Interviews Steve Kremer, Identiv Partner and Co-Founder of SteadyServ Technologies

By Suzanne Smiley

At RFID Journal LIVE! 2014 in Orlando, FL on April 8 – 10, Identiv and SteadyServ Technologies were featured in RFID Insider’s “SteadyServ: Brewing A Beer Revolution With RFID”. Here’s an excerpt:

When we ran across SteadyServ at RFID Journal LIVE! 2014, not only did we run across a cool implementation of RFID, we ran across the answer to restaurant and bar owner’s problems across the world — We are out of beer, and our next delivery isn’t until next week!

Steve Kremer, co-founder of SteadyServ, introduced us to a problem that restaurants and bars face with keeping beer on tap. How do we keep up with the large beer keg inventory? After all, the beer industry is about choice, so how do you know if you are running low of your most popular beer?

Read the full interview and watch the video here.