Barcode News Reports on Identiv’s Trust Solutions for Everyday Items

Written by Barcode News

Barcode News recently highlighted Identiv’s partnership with SteadyServ® Technologies in its article, “iKeg NFC Tag Ensures Trust in Everyday Items”:

The SteadyServ iKeg system provides real-time intelligence for beer retail establishments and distributors. This solution provides retailers with up-to-the-minute visibility into their current inventory of keg beer sold, as well as consumption metrics for a particular brand of beer.

In addition, the iKeg system provides for synchronization with the respective beer distributor’s order management system to ensure that a retailer’s inventory consistently meets customer demand.

SteadyServ’s solution relies upon NFC tags to associate kegs of beer from the point of distribution to the retailer. While seeking to procure a custom-designed NFC tag product that would be amenable for attaching to a beer keg, SteadyServ connected with Identiv.

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