PCWorld Quotes Identiv CEO Jason Hart in a Look into Data Breaches

By Tony Bradley, PCWorld

Today, Identiv CEO Jason Hart was featured in Tony Bradley’s PCWorld article, “Attackers use domino effect to compromise your accounts”. The article begins:

Data breach after data breach has illustrated just how weak and ineffective passwords can be for protecting accounts and sensitive information. Many sites and services have implemented secondary security protocols and two-factor authentication, but users frequently use information and email accounts that can be easily compromised—giving attackers a simple way to access your information.

Mr. Hart comments:

“Using ‘throw-away’ accounts as a second form of authentication is about as effective in protecting your information as putting your password directly into the hands of a hacker,” says Jason Hart, CEO of Identiv. “I would never recommend using one of those so-called ‘anonymous’ accounts and assuming your identity is safe.”

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