Physical Access Control Systems for Law Enforcement Facilities

As police officers and agencies face increasing threats, hostility, and scrutiny, the ability to secure and monitor police and corrections facilities becomes more challenging and important. Identiv can help.


Built Hirsch Tough
Recognized by local and federal law enforcement agencies across the country, Hirsch physical access control and security management systems can provide enhanced security, centralized control, and compliance, offering the following features and more:

  • Secure ID badging for department personnel
  • Identification and control of visitors
  • Secure physical access control to general entry areas, secure areas, interrogation rooms, armories, etc.
  • Two-person control of sensitive areas, like evidence rooms
  • Instant emergency lock-down
  • Mantrap and sally port control
  • Two-factor authentication to fixed and mobile devices (CJIS compliance)
  • Integration to CCTV, alarm, and communications systems
  • Logging of all access activity for forensic reporting


Get Started
Identiv appreciates the work that law enforcement does. We invite law enforcement facilities of all types to schedule a no-cost review of their overall physical security environment and we will offer suggestions to optimize and enhance the security of your facility with the latest technology and best practices.

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