Government Grade. Low Cost. Easy to Install. Scalable. PoE. Meet the Mx-1.

The Identiv Team has been a bit busy, to say the least. Have you met the latest addition to the Hirsch Mx family yet? Say “hello” to the Hirsch Mx-1 Controller.

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Powered over Ethernet, Mx-1 brings full-featured Hirsch access control to the edge, manages a single door, and plugs directly into enterprise environments. Pushing access control to the edge means lower cost, less maintenance, less burden on the network, and more time to focus on the important data being processed and areas being protected.

The compromises required by other edge controllers with fewer features, lower power, and less security are eliminated with Mx-1, which brings the complete feature set, security, and scalability of Hirsch’s Mx line to single-door installations, whether at the edge or centralized.

What’s New?
Ideal for commercial, institutional, and government users, the Hirsch Mx-1 Controller for the first time allows the complete Hirsch feature set at the edge, surpassing the basic who-goes-where-and-when access control programming of other edge controllers. Mx-1 includes the full breadth of advanced Hirsch features, including anti-passback, threat level management, lockdown, two-person rule, entry/exit control, and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm. Leveraging the updated IEEE 802.3at-2009 Power over Ethernet (PoE) standard, Mx-1 keeps power local at the door, meaning high power levels and improved power management.

How Will It Integrate?
When connected to Identiv’s Hirsch Velocity Software for access control and security management, Mx-1 seamlessly integrates into any enterprise environment. Mx-1 supports the entire range of Identiv’s multi-technology uTrust TS Cards and TS Readers, Wiegand readers, RS-485 Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) readers, and Identiv’s Hirsch TS ScramblePad, the most popular, secure electronic keypad. Access control original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can integrate this powerful, price- and performance-leading controller through Identiv’s Mx software development kit (SDK).

Why Do I Need It?
Mx-1 is priced to compete, allowing installations at a lower price point than buying panels that support multi-doors when only one is needed. Designed in consultation with Identiv’s partners, like you, Mx-1 is built from the ground up, featuring details like wiring markings that are prominent and spaced to allow easy installation, LEDs positioned for easy access during and after installation and easy diagnosing, and simple mounting of single units and stacking of multiple units. Mx-1 makes installations faster, easier, and more cost-effective for end users, and more profitable for installers and dealers.

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With Mx-1, you get the power of an Mx Controller with modern, state-of-the-art network edge architecture. Due to ease of installation and reduced costs, you’ll find yourself securing more doors and putting more money in your wallet. And if you’ve been searching for a solution for doors that may be too distant from other doors and gates (making wiring too complex), Mx-1 keeps it local, simple, and PoE.

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