Government Matters Interviews Steve Humphreys, Identiv CEO

By Identiv Government Team

On August 28, 2018, Steve Humphreys, Identiv CEO, was invited to discuss the DARPA Cyber Hunting at Scale contract and what it means for the use of emerging technology in government cybersecurity on Government Matters.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is pursuing Cyber Hunting at Scale (CHASE). The CHASE program seeks to develop automated tools to detect and characterize novel attack vectors, collect the right contextual data, and disseminate protective measures both within and across enterprises.

DARPA has contracted with BAE Systems to create an adaptable artificial intelligence (AI) program that can defend large-scale networks autonomously through machine learning (ML). Steve Humphreys, Identiv CEO, says that CHASE is bigger than it sounds.

“In addition to networks and computers, you’ve got physical access security, video cameras, fire alarms, you name it. Now they’re looking to get all those events and information and manage it,” said Humphreys. “The other thing about it is they’re doing it both on a global and a local basis, and that’s another novel approach to it. We’ve had lots of analytics within parameters, but now going after the whole picture is something that is quite a big bite to take.”

Watch the full broadcast below:

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