Why Do You Need a Hirsch Access Control System?

By the Identiv Government Team

From Scalability to Compliance, Hirsch Supports the U.S. Federal Government

Earlier this week, we covered the top ten reasons Hirsch is trusted by the U.S. federal government. Now let’s take a deeper dive into the benefits you can expect when you invest in a complete, integrated Hirsch system.

Designed for the government space, Hirsch offers the highest levels of physical, data, and communications security, evidenced by our deployment in the most sensitive sites. All Hirsch data transmissions are secured with FIPS 140-2 256 bit AES encryption schemes, and our systems are suitable for use in SCIFs under DCID 6/9, ICD 705, and NISPOM.

With MTBF measured in decades, Hirsch systems are legendary for their reliability. In mission-critical environments, you cannot tolerate system problems and failures. Hirsch has globally demonstrated reliability in the most demanding environments.

True distributed processing and a no-artificial limits model make Hirsch systems totally scalable, without sacrificing performance.

The widest standard bundled feature set, including many requested by our government customers, allows Hirsch systems to accommodate the needs of the most demanding users, even as those needs change over time. Hirsch has a proven and documented history of being the future-proof decision.

Standards-based operating system, database, and XML tools allow Hirsch systems to easily integrate with other security-related systems (video, IDS, and communication), as well as external databases for user management (IDMS, HR, network security, CMS, SCVP and OCSP) and large-scale command and control systems for reporting and control. Our Software Development Kit (SDK) provides standards-based, fully documented methodology for ensuring interoperability with virtually any open security or building sub-system.

Hirsch systems, with our standard Velocity Software, feature access control panels that read up to 200 bits of the credential number on PIV, PIV-I, PIV-C, CAC, TWIC, and other government or locally issued credentials. Our controllers read all reader and biometric devices and our multi-technology readers can accommodate PIN, 125 kHz proximity, and contact/contactless smart cards simultaneously, providing flexible modes of operation with one or many authentication factors. We support FIPS 201-2 and SP 800-116 with our powerful range of TS Government Readers.

On Friday, we’ll talk about the Hirsch family of government products in depth. Have a question in the meantime? Let us know.