3VR by Identiv — This Year, Next Year, and Beyond

If you’re like most in the industry, you’re wondering what Identiv has been up to since we purchased 3VR a year ago. You may be wondering what changes we’ve made, our progress, our plan for 2019, and what we’ll be doing with the 3VR products in the future.

After acquiring 3VR, our first step was to bring in some new big management guns to help address the challenges that faced 3VR and, ultimately, you, the 3VR customer. This included new engineering, product management, and project management leadership, as well as bringing in immediate additional investment into 3VR’s software development resources. We also spent a lot of time listening to the pain points from our customers, because customers using the product today are always going to be Identiv’s biggest priority. If we can solve your challenges, new customers using 3VR will have a better product to use.

Over the last year, we’ve reformatted how we prioritize the 3VR roadmap, paying special attention to what needs to be optimized and improved. We also reformatted how we develop and how we test that development, ensuring any and all future updates arriving into your hands aren’t painful to use. The result has been a very strong set of releases over the last six (6) months that have prioritized your needs and addressed your problems.

But you probably want specifics, so here they are.

Latest Releases

We introduced four (4) specific updates over the last six (6) months, the latest of which,, was introduced in late January 2019. These releases have:

  • Optimized and improved the performance of VisionPoint, Enterprise Server, System Manager, and the Ops Center client
  • Improved the update process to ensure updates go smoothly, including a brand-new, extensive QA and regression testing process (on that note, please be aware that if you wish to utilize, you’ll need to make sure your system is on at least the version first; for example, if you’re running, you’ll need to run the update first, and after that, any you can update to any future version directly)
  • Improved our camera driver suite — this is a temporary effort while we regroup to rebuild our ONVIF capabilities, which we plan on completing in 2019
  • Added additional camera configurability, including surfacing specific controls for GoV length and support for newer 360 cameras
  • We also restructured our patch notes for each release so that it is short, concise, and tells you exactly what’s needed to perform the update, as well as the major changes in that update, including any known major issues

There’s a lot more detail than what we’ve presented above, and we invite you to review the patch notes for the,, and releases if you’re interested in those specifics.

Again, one of the major improvements we’ve made in developing these updates is extensive QA testing to ensure the upgrades will succeed with minimal downtime to the system.

Who Can Upgrade?

All 3VR customers receive one year of free updates with their purchase, whether that be a 3VR appliance or a software license for use on customer-owned third-party hardware. After the first year, updates require a Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) or Software Support Agreement (SSA) in order to receive future updates. If you’re not currently under such an agreement, but you’re interested in testing an update, please work with your Identiv Sales Manager and we’ll be glad to make accommodations. We’re excited about what we’ve accomplished recently, and we want you to be excited about it, too.

Compatibility Matrix

The version you can update your 3VR appliance to depends on the generation of that appliance. Though the below matrix doesn’t cover every single hardware revision, it’s a good general key to understand what you can update to:

Appliance Type Max Upgrade Version Note
P Series No longer supported
P2 Series No longer supported
E Series No longer supported
S1 Series 7.0.3 No longer supported
S2 Series No longer supported
1000 Series No longer supported
1100 Series Currently Shipping
2000 Series No longer supported
2100 Series Currently Shipping
3000 Series (will cap at future release) End of Sale – Support Limited
3100 Series (will cap at future release) Currently Shipping
4000 Series (will cap at future release) End of Sale – Support Limited
4100 Series (will cap at future release) Currently Shipping
5000 Series and all future foreseeable releases End of Sale – Support Limited
5500 Series and all future foreseeable releases End of Sale – Support Limited
5600 Series and all future forseeable releases Currently Shipping

Our Plans For 2019

In 2019, we’ve already introduced our first release ( and are planning our release timed with ISC West 2019 in Las Vegas in early April. That release will include new functionality, including IPv6 support and possibly H.265 support, as well. Beyond that, our Q3 release will focus on the re-architecture of some core 3VR components to aid in future scalability, as well as the re-architecture of our ONVIF driver to include the latest profiles and to make ONVIF the main go-to driver for 3VR software.

Stay tuned for more announcements on the evolution of 3VR this year, next year, and beyond!