The Top Ten Reasons Hirsch Is Selected by State and Local Governments, Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, and Critical Infrastructure Customers

By the Identiv Commercial Sales Team

  1. Hirsch has been a trusted provider of security management solutions of the highest performance and quality for almost 40 years. Hirsch has 1000s of customers across all industry segments, many for 20+ years.
  2. Hirsch is an American company based in California with offices worldwide to support domestic, international, and multinational customers.
  3. Hirsch systems are designed to be highly scalable, modularly expandable, and upgradeable, ensuring long system life with competitive initial costs and low long-term total cost of ownership.
  4. Hirsch systems follow industry and IT standards, including UL294, UL1076, FIPS 140-2 encryption, Microsoft technologies, web and RDS interfaces, VMware, and Hyper-V support — all of which support security compliance initiatives across industries.
  5. The Hirsch Professional Services team supports advanced system architectures, remote and onsite support services, and integrations, including video, HR systems, LDAP, Active Directory, and many others for a look into the big picture of — and to improve — each customer’s security posture.
  6. Hirsch has the broadest and deepest feature set in the industry, including secure PIN entry (ScramblePad), lockdown controls, passback controls, occupancy counting, mantraps, entry/exit readers for all doors on a controller, and temporary user controls — there are over 50 ways to control and limit access at each door.
  7. Multiple system training options ensure customers can utilize the extensive capabilities of their system, including factory instructor-led, field instructor-led, custom field training, and online training courses.
  8. A worldwide network of authorized and certified dealers provide world-class design, installation, maintenance, and support services.
  9. Hirsch manufactures the software, firmware, hardware, readers, and credentials to ensure the system works seamlessly together.
  10. Hirsch continues to evolve its systems to provide new and existing customers leading-edge technologies and robust features to solve basic and ever-changing advanced solutions.