Security News Desk Highlights New Physical Security Webinar from Identiv and D6 Research

On September 17, 2019, Security News Desk writer Sophia Kerby highlighted Identiv and D6 Research’s upcoming webinar titled Physical Security Market Assessment.

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The webinar will feature Mark Allen, Identiv General Manager, Premises and Terry Gold, D6 Research Principal Analyst. Based on D6 Research’s Annual Physical Security Industry Assessment Research Report, the webinar will provide visibility into the deepest research that has occurred in the industry to date, focusing on key drivers, impact, and reactions to correlate the current state of technology, practices, dynamics forcing significant changes, and how the market will be evolving in response.

Physical Security Market Assessment Webinar

Join Identiv and D6 Research for this limited session on either September 24 at 2 PM PT (5 PM ET) or September 26 at 8 AM PT (11 AM ET/4 PM London).

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